I had seen one T-shirt where developer and programmer are erased coder is written below it. I just remember that and was thinking, why so.

Answer is just with me. Every time we start work, and first thing we do is to hit Google. Copy and paste code and make things work. Never bother our self why code is working like that only and why I am copying this only. 60 people out of 100 are doing the same. If you are in India, number may increase to very dangerous level. The person who are doing this, are coders. We are all coders. The first and for most target is to complete task, no matter how, but it should be completed as client’s requirement. We break all software engineering rule, all coding standards and with use of 0.01% of our brain we complete the task. Is this means we are not doing hard work? Nope. We are doing hard work, but only hard work. Just like person working in diamond mine. He is with diamond, he is doing hard work but can’t get benefit of it.

What if we like to take a shift. What if we want to call our selves Programmers? I personally prefer some approaches. First and for most thing stop taking help from God Google. Practice on basic languages like C, C++, Perl etc. Avoid using language with heavy library support and classic GUI like C#, Java and please NO VB. I am big fan of Microsoft, currently using Windows Live Writer for writing this blog, using Visual Studio for all my development but still believe if you ever dream of joining Microsoft, don’t use Microsoft tools, at least in learning phase. And still if anyone want to check his/her talent, go for GCC compiler of Linux. (Note : Use of Linux in command mode is mandatory) . May be there will be a question, even though higher level language available why go for basics. Answer is available in question only, for the need of basics. It provide platform to you, to explorer your creativity. Its all about logic, not language. If one can win race with Ambassador, one surely going to win race with Ferrari. Truly speaking C++ still have that power and charm.

What about next step. Becoming Mr.Developer. If one is programmer of at least 3 to 4 years, there will be no need for any special things to become Developer. Its all about feeling code. Feeling software, need of it. Giving the best crafted work. I can’t provide much detail about it as I am still in phase Programmer. But I have seen Developers working, they don’t just write code, but craft code. Taking every possibility in consideration and giving more agile solution. Its all about understanding the terminology of software.

If I compare all these in the context of automobile than coder is just a driver, don’t know anything about car still driving car, programmer is like mechanic who can repair car but can’t create it. While Developer is just like automobile engineer who create cars.

I am running like any thing, because my beautiful, sexy, stunning and gorgeous Car is waiting for me.