It has been a week or so, every day news paper and news channel are full with news of FDI in India . Even Facebook is not taking a step back and speak in favor of both side. FDI in retails should be allowed or not.

I am not a politician, so as engineer I will do data analysis of FDI in India. now, for the sake of example we consider that FDI is allowed in retail market (PS : I personally think that it is going to be allowed) . And great retail players welcomed, in India. Just like east India company. Now, dollars come in and they directly go to farmers to take products. Ohk… now here framers get a BIT more price as they skip mediators. Now, they are the immediate victims of FDI.

We have around 125 corers people and also have internal dependencies in chain management system. Now, for the sake of two end users, big brother will element man small chains and put one big heavy chain. Here, we can advocate that even a one big chain need many persons to work properly. So, we can say that it will generate more employment. We WILL discuss this specific topic afterwards, service v/s self employment.

Now, after first victim is down. We have a classis competition of dollars v/s rupees, its just like David v/s Goliath .

They come with dollar back up, give best employment. Buy land at high price. Market go boom. And smile on the face of everyone, at least for a while. Yeah, some brokers and independent businessmen, who were there in chain will not be happy. But who cares. Even from the era of non-violence and [Gandhiji][5] we also learn one more thing to serve others. Specially [British Culture][6] and Foreigners. Sorry to some die hard fan of [Gandhiji][5] but its true. He is there in direct or indirect reason of our slavery even after our so called freedom.

Now back to FDI.

We are getting things at low price. But missing one basic element of our shopping. Relationship with our merchant. So, here we are loosing personal guarantee of shop keeper. We have professional warranty of brand but what on grains???!!!! No one is saving seasonal vegetables for you. If you are lucky you get your favorite vegetables or if not you have to go with whatever is left there. But who cares !!! you are getting vegetables at lower prize.

So, As an engineer and a little bit selfish person I should be happy???????


Why??? Now, consider a case of my favorite fruit Mango. And I love specific type of [Mango called Kesar][7] ** and that also specifically from [Talala Gir area][8] . Now, big brother is going to buy bulk from farmers. And going to sell at lower price. I don’t think so. They sell poor and small pieces of Mangos in India and better will go out side to be sold in foreign currency. I don’t think problem in this too, as we also get used to that. Just like we get used to poor quality of every international brand. We are so good and non-violent people at the end. We are from the country of Great Mahatma Gandhiji. (PS: yes, we are from the country of Gandhiji, but still Gujarat is the only dry state ???!!!! why don’t other states are following our great leader ???!!!)

So, now its time for us to suffer. Poor quality food, grains and vegetables. …. No problem at all, most of the metros are not getting good quality food even now.

So, time passes and we survived and life go on. All the small business men are vanished, cleared, wiped out. No competition at all. Now, big brother can increase price. And yet again we don’t mind. Yaar, we are good people na, at the max we will do some rally and that also non-violently. And our minister comment that “ [I am not astrologer, how can I say what will going to happen in future][9] .” And some remember [Bhagat Singh][10] and [hit a slap][11] . But that also ended with BANDH in oppose of that slap. It is fine we are in India…

Now, only one person is laughing and laughing laud our own the big brother. But still we will going to celebrate, as big brother will be in the list of Forbes richest person, give lecture at IIMs and comment that India is his favorite market. Why not??? he is selling every good product at high rate in foreign country and getting price of garbage in India. Double profit.

Next big step, investment in farming. If everything is his, then why not farms. And government also welcome that, as they bring new technology to India (PS: what the hell, as don’t know anything about farming ???!!!!) . Obviously this will increase more employment , now farmers are employees too. And banned chemicals are welcomed to India, which increase growth for at least two years. So, time for some smiles now. But then farms are gone, quality goods are gone. And we left with dry land.

No problem, we will Import . And government will give subsidy in that. So, now India back to square one. Just it were at the time of 1857 (PS: Many so called urban and modern public don’t know this number, please [google][12] it.)

Still we have one smiling face of big brother. And books of him “How to Become a Millionaire” for future management students.

Now, one topic I have left in the starting service v/s self employment. Now, first thing I am doing job and I am not opposing it. But self employment is also just like that. You are employed if you are earning enough as per your requirement and caliber. Serving some big brother will never make you jolly good fellow. In simple situation if some person is earning 3Rs as profit, he will give 1Rs as salary. Now, this 2Rs will made him more rich every time he earns.

If we take retail sector as per example, a person of transport is earning 12,000Rs per month. Now, there are 10 persons for specific city. So, total earning goes to 1,20,000. Now, big brother hire some around 5 persons and give 15,000Rs salary. So, total earning goes to 75,000Rs. Now, salary is higher for whom, those got the job. But for 5 persons, 10 persons loses their job and employment. And there is movement of only 75,000Rs instead of 1,20,000Rs. Now, a person from commerce background can explain the importance of the “movement of money”.

And one more thing is here to consider. If you or me go to some other country and earn some money, first thing we will do is to send money to our country. Same will be done by the big brother. Profit will be sent to his country. In history we were not poor, but now we are still a developing country. Even at this stage can we afford to send profit to some other country ???? I don’t think so. I guess.

At the end still we have some happiness left. Big Brother is smiling and yes we have few more to join party. Our minister, AKA, sultan, Prince of country and his mom… Who are getting money for welcoming big brother and also take a part of profit as tax. And every one knows now in which country our tax is going ???!!!! (PS: As per [Chankya][13] tax should be taken in a way honey bee take honey from flowers)

I was so proud for my analytical and mathematical skills, but don’t have answer to this. If you have, please share… Do comment.

(PS Are we going to be slaved again??? Is this the time where we should start asking question to us, our belief ??? Is this the time for change from the root, from the start???!!!!)

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