Web services is not new to computer world, it is in use from long back. But now a day, with electronic revolution we have lot more devices with loaded application. We want everything everywhere. We need access of facebook from PC, from mobile, from Tablet.

Everyone has more than one email id, and want to be online at once.Chatting with friends on gmail , hotmail , aol , yahoo , ICQ , facebook , linkedin and many more. And it is on PC, mobile and also on Tablet. We are leaving in the era rich user interface and powerful internet. Here most of the things are on clouds and still we have leverage of our processor to deliver classy graphics and highly complicated features.

Here SOA comes in picture. Now, when we want everything everywhere then we need a common way of communication which can be use everywhere. Web services are light weight process running on http, and can be consumed anywhere. So, we are getting all our application wherever we go.

SOA is software concept which is highly used now a day. There are two main benefits of SOA, one is that is completely differentiate user interface part and business logic part. And other is that its interpretability.

I personally like the first part, as I not designer kind of person. If you have fix requirements of your project. Then developer can concentrate on service development and designer can concentrate on design. Developer don’t has to bother that what is there at UI end, it may be JQuery UI, Silverlight, Android or WPF reach application. And because of this things will get lot easier. Now, developer will create business logic and UI guys from different areas create UI for different platforms and integrate business logic to that.

And now the real charm of the web services, interpretability. I am a .net developer, my friend is Java developer, now I developed logic and he wants to use it. As java and .net are like brothers but still he need to re-code things. Now with web service this problem is solved. I just put my logic in web service and java guys call that web service from java application without any problem. This is true for vice e verse case. So, it’s wonderful thing. Basically I just loved this concept.

Now, in .net framework there is a web service feature, which provides basic functionality, but with arrival of WCF game is changed a lot. WCF is provides seriously wide range of facility to developer to do their task. We will jump deeper into WCF in upcoming articles.

Till then check out some further details for SOA .