OSS, stands for Open Source Software. If you are a .net developer, most of the time you don’t care much of OSS. But trust me, OSS are far better than pure solution provided by MS.

And now MS is pushing for OSS, via nuget . It’s a wonderful site providing base for OSS technologies. If you have experienced development in Ruby, you must have known this. Ruby has gems, which pushed by open source community. And now .net developer has nuget .

Its so difficult to follow day to day open source work. Trust I don’t know much more than JQuery. But now I am just a click away of whole new world of Open Source Framework and Technology.

It also has few more benefits like updating packages, power shell command prompt etc. It just speed up the development like anything. Now, I know about knowckoutJs, Ninject, MEF, JQGrid and few others just because of nuget .

So, specially in this article I haven’t provide any other link then nuget . So, no more hazels to go to source code provider site download and update just fire few commands and its done. That’s it.