कुर्क्षेत्र की युद्ध भूमि पर सैन्य निरिक्षण

Its all started when war of Mahabharata is about to begin. Both army stand against each other. And at the time of war, Arjuna told Krishna to take his chariot to the middle of battle field. When they reach there, Arjuna observed both side of army.

At this time he found only relatives on the both side. And he just collapsed. He don’t want to fight. He don’t want to win at the cost of killing his own relatives. He asked Krishna

What is significant of this type of win? Why should I win? Why should I do the war?

At that time Krishna recite Gita. Other than Arjuna there are few others who heard Gita, one is Hanuman who is there in the flag of Arjuna’s chariot. And other is Sanjay who has “divya drashti”.

So, here by I try to explain every “slok” of Gita.

I pray to Shree Ganesh as there is a tradition that every good thing start with the name of Shree Ganesh .