Recently I got the chance to work with the Plotly team. I was helping them to set up the F# documentation pipeline. There was less of F# but more of hacking around Jupyter notebooks and their plugins. But I like the Plotly library and its cross-platform approach. They are available for almost all languages. Plotly Dash is kind of another next-level beast again available for all the languages. Here obviously we are going to talk about only F#.

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This article is part of FSAdvent 2016 calendar. This my second post of 2016. Sadly not much of writing this year. So, I need to cover up by this little longish post. So, grab your favorite coffee / tea before getting started. There is one wonderful coincidence here that both post of 2016 is based on Epic Mahabharata. If anyone interested in poem like things do check out my another post.

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