Should I continue writing more poems?

Long back I have tried my hand to writing poems. And trust me I am no where near poetic part. I have good grip over language but that is only for my mother tongue. I am quite comfortable with English but still no where near having artistic touch. Or in simple language my database of words is not that strong. But normally I am able to convey my feelings. I can say, I am pretty lucky in the case of writing poems.

Functional Programming Need in Web Development

Whenever I talk about Functional Programming people with experience in web make faces. And seriously don’t blame them. Issue is mainly Functional Programming stays in back ground only. If you see any starting example of any functional language is mainly some machine learning example or some complicated algorithm example. And that may effect normal people to getting started with Functional Programming. But functional programming can do far more than that. And that include simple things too.

A Developer without Programming Language

Now a days I am little bit more involved in History lessons. And those also from Computer Science only. Specifically from programming language’s perspective. Why on the earth I am doing this, I guess answer is given by Duglas Cockford over the Hanselminutes. And personally I love this part of learning. It is so delightful to know different language and why languages emerge the way it is. That is one part of story.

Functional Programming, How I started and Why?

I am not kind of Technical person who started hacking / coding in very early age. But I have special love / affection towards numbers. I don’t know why but it always fascinate me. And this was the starting point or I can say reason I started baby steps in functional programming. I like DI, not in term of Dependency Injection but in case of Data Interpretation. Those tabular data and all the graphs and details that data can produce is awesome.

Yes, I like functional programming

Because it is good. It is fun to write code in functional language. It takes away unnecessary complexity from my way. It do as problem needed I don’t need to act as computer to give instruction to computer for how to do computing. And just like this specific blog, it is concise, crisp and like haiku short and sweet.

Why Ruby on Rails in not only for Ruby on Rails Developers?!

If you ever involved in web development, then you must be knowing the history of it. Once upon a time there is something called CGI. And at that moment there are static html pages. Only few part of page is dynamic. Then things changed, ASP came. Server access become so normal and easy. But still there is a lot more work to do. And main issue with them is code is not arranged and coding style is not suitable for big projects.

Back to Business

It have been long that I was doing active blogging. There are multiple reason for that, and on of them is being a lazy ass. I changed my blog from Orchard to Docpad for almost no reason. I just wanted my few page look different then other pages. And that will little bit more effort if I am going to do it with Orchard. So, I check out on net how to do it.