Few days back I got mail from Xamarin about their launch of new IDE. And also for the registration of webinar. And just like always they again managed to blow my mind. I don’t know what else they are having for upcoming evolve conference..

Xamarin is like technical democracy.

A company of Technical People, by the technical people and for the technical people.

A kinda awesome. Just like their new studio. I am normally work on windows and have Visual Studio installed on my machine. Still many time I prefer to use Xamarin Studio. This new launch will force me more to do so more often. It is not crashing any more like older version while debugging. Even F# is now first class citizen of it.

I am currently facing error while running android + F# project but I guess that will be some issue on my end only.

Complete new designer, Xamarin.Form api to provide abstraction for LOB applications and flow less studio. If this year will be known as mobile development revolution, Xamarin people will be considered as pioneer of that revolution. I will write more about Mobile application + F#. Now, I can’t wait to dirty my hand with some android code and that is also in F#.

<3 <3 <3 Xamarin. You know I seriously do love you people.