SOA Service Oriented Architecture Beginning of New Era

Web services is not new to computer world, it is in use from long back. But now a day, with electronic revolution we have lot more devices with loaded application. We want everything everywhere. We need access of facebook from PC, from mobile, from Tablet. Everyone has more than one email id, and want to be online at once.Chatting with friends on gmail , hotmail , aol , yahoo , ICQ , facebook , linkedin and many more.

Pointers what is your address dude

Pointers, heart of C, C++. If you belongs to engineering branch and learned C as subject, then this may be the last chapter of you curriculum. This is the stepping stone of programming career. This is the chapter or I can say love for the pointer will differentiate a passionate coder from normal coder. Even if you work, higher level languages or going for web, you can’t deny existence of pointer in your life.

Snapshot of Steve Jobs

I was reading article on Wall Street Journal , about Steve Jobs. It was wonderful article taken by Ralph, at time of starting phase of apple. It was the time of change, if any one is familiar with the history of computer world, must know the era of changing. When companies like Microsoft and Apple started and change the rule of game. They change the way of thinking that computer should be big and for co-operate work only.

Data Structure through C++

Whoever is ever being engaged with computer science field, they have to come across the term data structure. Even a simple user, using Google , Bing and other search engine, using Facebook for social networking, they all touched by basic fundamental of computers, called data structure. Also, every Computer Science branch has this as part of curriculum. Here is the one of the best book I found for this. Book called Data Structure Through C++ , wonderfully written book by Yashvant Kanetkar.