It have been long that I was doing active blogging. There are multiple reason for that, and on of them is being a lazy ass.

I changed my blog from Orchard to Docpad for almost no reason. I just wanted my few page look different then other pages. And that will little bit more effort if I am going to do it with Orchard. So, I check out on net how to do it. I know Rob was using Nesta but I am not good with Ruby, at least that much and more over ruby was giving issue on my windows machine. And switching on my VM just to write blog… Naaaahhh!!!!

Then I moved to Docpad. I have to loose some of my comments, which was there as part of Orchard system. But it was fine. Only painful thing is I have to do lot more work to just get it up as I wanted. It was not like set up and go using Windows Essentials’ Live Writer. But it is giving me flexibility.

And in other reason, work load at day job. Things are moving faster then I can plan for. I was trying to learn other languages and tools. Moving out of my comfort zone. So, number of posts are less. Sadly!!!

I also changed my job and my city, so that transaction do take time, specially leaving city like Bangalore was a bit of a pain on my side. Now, I am out shock, almost!

But biggest lost I think, is my google juice. My site is not coming on front page if someone search my name. Luckily I am and I was active on my twitter and it point to my site. So, still some juice stays there.

And I also owe apology to any readers who come to my site while I was modifying details, site was in bad state and I pushed on Heroku, that was total uncool of me. But there were some issue related to domain and I am to lazy to maintain production and master branch at least for my blog. I am the only one using it and I am not so popular; at least as of now.

But now things are far better than it was before. Site CSS is quite good and contents seems more readable. You can check it out, comment and share.

Check out blog entries. I am still changing things as I go but there will be no major changes. But do give me your suggestions if any regarding site.

Things are still come even after this blog

  • New home page design
  • Tags for all blogs
  • Tags/Category pages to jump around
  • search page (damn simple google search, what else?!)

Stay tuned…