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Few words dedicated to people who made me who I am right now, my teachers. I know few of them personally and few others I am yet to meet in person. But they are still there always for me. Guiding me and helping me whenever and wherever I need. Words are not enough to say Thanks but still here with my small try Here is original Gujarati Version જેને કોઈ ઓળખની જરૂર નથી જેની પ્રતિષ્ઠા ચંદ્રની જેમ વિશ્વમાં વ્યાપ છે એવા અર્જુનની ઓળખ પૂછી કોઈએ

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I never thought I would make this public. I wrote long back for one of my dear cousin. It was relevant then. But it is more relevant now. One of my best friend, batch mate, college mate, colleague at one point of time, rommie is now moving to another country. With a aim to never looking back for all the good reasons. Andrew Vyas this is for you. You are one of the friend I never wanted because I knew one day time flew and you or me will move on and that may be good for future but at point it is utterly painful.

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First friend I found was you First enemy I found was you First fight I had was with you First person I always miss is you I miss you, my dear sister Beating me was your favorite game Teasing me with different names Remaining is now, only the pain Not being with you, I feel mundane I miss you, my dear sister You are Dad’s favorite You are Mom’s favorite

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Its wonderful morning Sun is waiting to rise It’s waiting for you sun shine Waiting for your wonderful smile Birds wake up Songs are waiting to be sung Beats are waiting for you sun shine Waiting for your dazzling smile Air just started moving Breeze just wanted to spread Fragrance is waiting for you sun shine Waiting for your mesmerizing smile Pen is ready to write Ink is desperate to draw

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