I never thought I would make this public. I wrote long back for one of my dear cousin. It was relevant then. But it is more relevant now. One of my best friend, batch mate, college mate, colleague at one point of time, rommie is now moving to another country. With a aim to never looking back for all the good reasons.

Andrew Vyas this is for you. You are one of the friend I never wanted because I knew one day time flew and you or me will move on and that may be good for future but at point it is utterly painful. Pain that can’t be defined by words my friend. But still here are few words

मंजिल की तलाश में दूर हम निकल गए रस्ते बनते गए हमराही मिलते गए मंजिल तोह आज भी दूर है मंजिल के लिए प्यार भी वही है लेकिन पता नहीं क्यों रस्ते इतने अच्छे क्यों है आँखे इतनी नर्म क्यों है मंजिल पाने की चाह तो आज भी वही है हमराही को छोड़ने का गम क्यों है हमराही कल भी बिछड़े थे, आज भी बिछड़ रहे है लेकिन दील मे एक सन्नाटा, तन्हाई, दर्द आज ही क्यों है मंजिल की तलाश में हम तो फीर भी निकल चले है रस्ते फीर बनते चले है, हमराही फीर मिलते चले है लेकिन दील मै उनकी याद क्यों है, ये दर्द एक बेचैनी सि क्यों है

For people who don’t understand Hindi, here is English translation

In search of destination we came long way roads started carving them selves, new companion started joining me destination is still far love for destination is still there but don’t know why roads seems more beautiful and have tears at the corner of my eyes Desire to get to the destination is still the same then why there is pain for leaving companion back I left companion and I am leaving companion back then why there is silence, loneliness and pain in heart Still moving on in search of destination roads are being made again, companion are started joining again then why there are memories them of who left behind, why there is pain, restlessness in heart.

Dear friend wherever you go my wishes and prayers are always there for you.