Long back I have tried my hand to writing poems. And trust me I am no where near poetic part. I have good grip over language but that is only for my mother tongue. I am quite comfortable with English but still no where near having artistic touch. Or in simple language my database of words is not that strong. But normally I am able to convey my feelings.

I can say, I am pretty lucky in the case of writing poems. Though I have write only few, many of them got good review from whom so ever read it. But that charm doesn’t last that much.

I wrote a poem for my sister and it don’t get any kind of review. I do got personal message from sister after a long time that “it was sweet”. But that all because she is my sister. Personally if I like to give review to my this poem it is not good at all. There are tsunami of feeling I wanted to convert and I just converted drops of it. And at that moment I decided, will never write poem; at least never in public.

I do write sometimes, but that is all personal on personal request. And I will not say that poem too. They are just few lines, I crafted for person requested. Like few hand picked words, that’s it.

But over the time I got request to write more poems. So, I decided to take a course at coursera and with that I like to take opinion of others.

Should I write more poems?

Please write whatever you think in comments. And help me to make a decision.