• My Identity posted on 12 Apr 2016

    Few words dedicated to people who made me who I am right now, my teachers. I know few of them personally and few others I am yet to meet in person. But they are still there always for me. Guiding me and helping me whenever and wherever I need. Words are not enough to say Thanks but still here with my small try


  • 1729 posted on 17 Dec 2015

    This post is part of F# Advent calender. Thanks Sergey Tihon for arranging this and giving me chance.

    First I like to clarify that this was not my original choice for FSAdvent calender. I was going to write long post about web, AKKA, api and real time system. My current working area. But this time's calender entries are reaching new level and dimension. And recent post from Evelina Gabasova is kind of reason behind change. Do read the post and you may like to re-watch Star Wars series. Evelina you are super awesome. And post was too good.

    So, why 1729?


  • Reactive Services with Servicestack and F# posted on 30 Nov 2015

    Reactive word is not new nowadays. If you want your library to get limelight, use reactive word in the name any way possible and it will definitely get initial attention. Reactive word is appropriate for things that follows reactive manifesto. That is true for now. And there are many variant of libraries on server and client to fulfil this.

    Let's start from the start of web.


  • Azure web sites with Paket posted on 03 Nov 2015

    Whoever worked with Microsoft Shop knows about nuget. It is package manager for anything and everything related to .Net. And it is getting better and better with versions coming in. But again it is nowhere near maturity needed to work with projects having many small projects. Things get cranky soon.


  • Angularjs and the Mess we are in posted on 02 Nov 2015

    Who doesn't know Angularjs?!? Everyone worked is web, mobile, server, windows, mac, Linux, Google, Microsoft or anyway related to this knows about it. And its fun when people tell me

    You know about angularjs. Its pretty hot now a days. I'm planning to learn it.

    Oh man...


  • Functional Command Pattern posted on 25 Apr 2015

    Command pattern is a pattern which allows executor of the pattern to execute or playback the commands. In most of the application wherever Undo/Redo is implemented this pattern is used.

    Here is C# code.


  • Functional Strategy Pattern posted on 24 Apr 2015

    Another pattern that is widely used in Object Oriented world. And as far as .Net world is concern it is may be most used pattern in wide range of .Net API. And it heavily used in heavily used LINQ API.

    So, I guess giving a understanding of that is kinda waste of space. Have a look at C# code.


  • Functional Singleton Pattern posted on 23 Apr 2015

    This is my favorite pattern. First pattern I learn. And till date I don't know where to use it. So, I use everywhere. :P

    I have mainly used for database connection object and then all JavaScript frameworks are exposing Singleton object only. I can say it is quite useful in case of web.


  • Functional Factory Pattern posted on 22 Apr 2015

    The fun part working or explaining functional pattern is word functional can be used in very fun way. Just like it is used in title here.

    Now, factory pattern may be the most used pattern in Object Oriented world. Here is code in C#.


  • Demystifying Design Pattern in a Functional Way posted on 21 Apr 2015

    As functional programming is taking pace in current software development. There is always a question what is the difference and why on the earth I should bother about it.

    Most of the time reason of the question comes because of human nature of resistance towards learning new things. And then there are people who can easily learn new things but even for them unlearning something and re-learning new things is pretty tough. And this makes a problem every time.