• Sails sailing seamlessly on Azure Web Sites posted on 07 Nov 2014

    There are lots of frameworks for web development in Nodejs. Many of them are pretty cool. I pretty much like the SailsJS. And also have worked on that in recent past.

    Now, when it comes to hosting I love the Azure for various reasons. It is specially awesome when it comes to web sites. You do some experiments and throw it towards azure and that is ready for world to check out. My many experiments with F# and Web are already there.


  • To Xamarin with Love posted on 10 Oct 2014

    Xamarin Evolve just concluded. And there no best time to write this post. And for the fact I am not writing anything new or even anything related to announcements that happened there. I am writing this because recently I got chance to work with android using Java. And experience was not at all good. And reason is not so surprisingly Java.


  • Web programming and F# still a Far Cry? posted on 09 Oct 2014

    F# is wonderful language. And luckily or unluckily I do Web Programming (now a days mostly that). So, it is always a preference to use it, wherever possible. But even in 2014 end it is still pain in a**.


  • My broken marriage with C# and extramarital affair with F# posted on 27 Jun 2014

    NOTE- As per today I am neither married nor committed. And for that case never married and never committed. :P

    Whoever is following my progress must be knowing my love for F#. Neither me nor F# knows exact time and date when that happen. But now it is like if few days I have to pass without writing few lines to(in) F# then it felt like I have left software engineering for good.


  • SignalR + Servciestack with F# hosted on Azure posted on 24 Jun 2014

    This may be nastiest thing I have done with deployment after a long time. There is no problem with making it work. But deployment on azure is a serious issue. And luckily I completed that. Yes, there is a luck involved.


  • Xamarin Studio 3 - First Look. posted on 02 Jun 2014

    Few days back I got mail from Xamarin about their launch of new IDE. And also for the registration of webinar. And just like always they again managed to blow my mind. I don't know what else they are having for upcoming evolve conference..


  • Thanks to wonderful community posted on 25 Apr 2014

    Few days back Scott Hanselman tweeted

    And I think, I should do that. But twitter is too short and emails boring even I don't have email ids of few of my favourite Open Source project managers. But I am not shying away from thanking. So, I am writing this entry.


  • SignalR + Nancy with F# hosted on Azure posted on 28 Mar 2014

    What you feel if you meet your favourite actor? Feeling is wonderful right? Now, add the your actress in the mixture. Have you said WOW??? How about director? Still heart is beating?!? How about having dinner with them? Nothing can be better than that.


  • Why I moved away from Sencha to Phonejs? posted on 25 Mar 2014

    Sencha is well known framework for mobile development. Not only mobile development but it is doing a hell of a lot of thing other than mobile development. Not only that it is surely having wonderful history with JavaScript framework development. I don't have anything to complain against that.


  • Failed attempt to write series, again! posted on 24 Mar 2014

    I have tried writing complete series again. And again failed. And I am stopping it again.

    There are couple of reason of it. First and for most thing is I am not good at it. No where near even readable, I guess. Now, I don't know reason specifically for that. May be I can write on specific topic better instead of things that are continues.