• My broken marriage with C# and extramarital affair with F# posted on 27 Jun 2014

    NOTE- As per today I am neither married nor committed. And for that case never married and never committed. :P

    Whoever is following my progress must be knowing my love for F#. Neither me nor F# knows exact time and date when that happen. But now it is like if few days I have to pass without writing few lines to(in) F# then it felt like I have left software engineering for good.


  • SignalR + Servciestack with F# hosted on Azure posted on 24 Jun 2014

    This may be nastiest thing I have done with deployment after a long time. There is no problem with making it work. But deployment on azure is a serious issue. And luckily I completed that. Yes, there is a luck involved.


  • Xamarin Studio 3 - First Look. posted on 02 Jun 2014

    Few days back I got mail from Xamarin about their launch of new IDE. And also for the registration of webinar. And just like always they again managed to blow my mind. I don't know what else they are having for upcoming evolve conference..


  • Thanks to wonderful community posted on 25 Apr 2014

    Few days back Scott Hanselman tweeted

    And I think, I should do that. But twitter is too short and emails boring even I don't have email ids of few of my favourite Open Source project managers. But I am not shying away from thanking. So, I am writing this entry.


  • SignalR + Nancy with F# hosted on Azure posted on 28 Mar 2014

    What you feel if you meet your favourite actor? Feeling is wonderful right? Now, add the your actress in the mixture. Have you said WOW??? How about director? Still heart is beating?!? How about having dinner with them? Nothing can be better than that.


  • Why I moved away from Sencha to Phonejs? posted on 25 Mar 2014

    Sencha is well known framework for mobile development. Not only mobile development but it is doing a hell of a lot of thing other than mobile development. Not only that it is surely having wonderful history with JavaScript framework development. I don't have anything to complain against that.


  • Failed attempt to write series, again! posted on 24 Mar 2014

    I have tried writing complete series again. And again failed. And I am stopping it again.

    There are couple of reason of it. First and for most thing is I am not good at it. No where near even readable, I guess. Now, I don't know reason specifically for that. May be I can write on specific topic better instead of things that are continues.


  • Servicestack F# template. Starting from the Start. posted on 14 Feb 2014

    I have already wrote a blog post about how to get started with service stack if any one is using templates. It is pretty easy. Just install and run.

    But as Service Stack is moved to V4 with some breaking changes. I had give details about updating it. But still it is little bit more complicated or confusing if I can say.


  • Servicestack F# template Update. Circle is Complete. posted on 12 Feb 2014

    Few day's back I wrote a article about how I created side waffle templates for Servicestack.

    Yesterday, Daniel Mohl, merged the pull request. Add the missing bits make it working and it is up on visual studio gallery. I seriously like to thank Daniel for this work and support even after his own hectic schedule of day job. And a wonderful members of F# community.


  • When Servicestack meet F# via Side Waffle posted on 07 Feb 2014

    I have specific love for Servicestack and that is known thing. It is not because it is awesome or the ways it do web service things, no one else is doing. But because of my past with WCF. It is so rocky that I never want to go back. And more over Servicestack doing hell lot of the things under the cover, and that is also without doing any damn thing into XML.

    Hell, yes.. No XML...

    Ok, I can write on and on for Servicestack but for now it is not the topic. Topic is about Shaving the Yak. There are many hatters of Visual Studio and its project file. I also don't mind sometimes joining the league. But for most of the cases it is doing many things, that we need to do otherwise.