This post is part of F# Advent calender. Thanks Sergey Tihon for arranging this and giving me chance. First I like to clarify that this was not my original choice for FSAdvent calender. I was going to write long post about web, AKKA, api and real time system. My current working area. But this time’s calender entries are reaching new level and dimension. And recent post from Evelina Gabasova is kind of reason behind change.

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Now a days I am little bit more involved in History lessons. And those also from Computer Science only. Specifically from programming language’s perspective. Why on the earth I am doing this, I guess answer is given by Duglas Cockford over the Hanselminutes. And personally I love this part of learning. It is so delightful to know different language and why languages emerge the way it is. That is one part of story.

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Pointers, heart of C, C++. If you belongs to engineering branch and learned C as subject, then this may be the last chapter of you curriculum. This is the stepping stone of programming career. This is the chapter or I can say love for the pointer will differentiate a passionate coder from normal coder. Even if you work, higher level languages or going for web, you can’t deny existence of pointer in your life.

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Whoever is ever being engaged with computer science field, they have to come across the term data structure. Even a simple user, using Google , Bing and other search engine, using Facebook for social networking, they all touched by basic fundamental of computers, called data structure. Also, every Computer Science branch has this as part of curriculum. Here is the one of the best book I found for this. Book called Data Structure Through C++ , wonderfully written book by Yashvant Kanetkar.

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