I don’t know I should be writing this or not. But I am giving it a go. This article is part of FsAdvent calender. I wanted to use Tensorflow JS with Fable and specifically Fable - Elmish application. But I failed to do so. There are a couple of reasons I have found out. Reader may solve the issue or point out other issues. I am all ears. Let me explain the setup, I don’t want any extra elements in the mix, so I started with bare minimum set up.

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This post is part of F# Advent calender. Thanks Sergey Tihon for arranging this and giving me chance. First I like to clarify that this was not my original choice for FSAdvent calender. I was going to write long post about web, AKKA, api and real time system. My current working area. But this time’s calender entries are reaching new level and dimension. And recent post from Evelina Gabasova is kind of reason behind change.

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