Coffee with CoffeeScript

I am in Bangalore, and first thing I found here classically well is coffee. Obviously I will not going to talk about coffee here. But about CoffeeScript which is as good as coffee . I come to know about CoffeeScript from the article written by Scott Hanselman . And I become addicted to it. I am not much a web guy. I like coding but mostly on server end. And Visual Studio is always there to save me.

Open letter to Tekpub

I am not much a writer kind of person. If you drop a math puzzle, probably I will do it in better way. But sometimes it is necessity to do thing even though you are not good at it. Just like this Open Letter. Tekpub is wonderful endeavor from Rob Conery and one of his friend James Avery . I know Tekpub because of Rob Conery . You can consider me in his fan club, if he is having one.

Moving away from OOP

OOP, it is a full form of Object Oriented Programming. And even with starting of career in software engineering we are force to implement OOP in our coding. Cross your heart and tell how many time we are implementing??? I start my career with .Net / C#. And C# is object oriented language. But I code like C. Pushing function for every thing. May be it is my love for it.

Massive Effect

Hope you have read my earlier post about Micro ORM . Here I talk about another Micro ORM Massive . I don’t want to go with traditional approach. I write intro about Rob Conery and give some details about Massive . Few example here and there, some hyperlinks and that’s it. I will try to find answer of “why” instead of “how”. For how part we have more than enough example and also have stackoverflow to solve issues.

Arrival of David aka Micro Orm

If you have read my previous post . I have talk about how ORM can create mess with the application. And prior to that I have write that it speed up the production like anything. So, Am I contradicting my self ??? No, I am just learning new things. I am using ORM but now I am more careful while using it. That’s it. So, why Vietnam ??? My post is originally inspired by Ted Neward’s blog about ORM .

Going to Vietnam Because of ORM

In my previous post I have talk about ORM . But believe if you don’t use thing wisely you are going to fall like anything. In this article I am not going to write any code but still it is a pure technical article. I will talk about enterprise application and how quickly love for ORM will drag you to the black hole. Around two years back, at the time when .

Map your self using ORM

Many of you must know this word, “ORM”. Then why this post. But trust, even after we have a lots and lots of ORMs in market and some company still using age old technology. Just few days back in one company again I had to face same old question about connection class and command class. Why?????????? It is so true that one must know that things, but this question is always be a nightmare to me.