Entity Framework Upside Down

If you have read my previous articles you must be knowing that I don’t like ORMs that much and also I am pretty lazy person. I don’t like to repeat stuff again and again. If I can find the solution than I will automate it or I just change from very root. Same thing is true with Entity Framework. It comes after LINQ to SQL as an improved ORM. And it proved to be lousy.

Something Never Changed!!! Guiding Principles to Software Development

I am particularly a lazy guy. I don’t work hard, stay back and never show sad face to issue or bug. Obviously many don’t like me for this. But again “who cares?”. But one thing is sure for me, I always ready to learn new things and obviously always work for better code. At the end of day it is just a code, bugs will be there and me too , to solve the issue.

Duffer's guide for windows 8 installation

Oops, I used “Duffer” instead of “Dummy” because I am one of it. I installed OS nearly 8 times to get what I wanted from Windows 8. I brought new Dell Ultra book and first thing I have done is to install consumer preview, second thing installing VS2012. And I meet my first issue, it is not allowed so I need to use trial version, so another format and new OS in.

Type Casting JavaScript with Typescript

Whenever something came from Microsoft or Microsoft employee there is always a buzz… And I still don’t understand why person’s company policies do with person’s attitude or approach of a person. Same happens when typescript came. It was just a day old and Open Source People starts bashing it like anything. Comparing with CoffeeScript , Dart . Guys, it is also open source and Microsoft in any case not forcing anything.

JavaScript Diary II

In my previous post I have written about some JavaScript basics from the point of view of Software Engineering and Architecture. In this post I will stay close to metal. I will talk about few things we should care about JavaScript language. Things that’s should be or shouldn’t be in the code. I am from hard core compile language background. My first company is Game Company where I have built kind of Game Engine and second company I work on C++.

JavaScript Diary I

Long back I have wrote a article on CoffeeScript . If anyone see closely its all about writing proper Java Script in easy way. But in many cases its not possible that you got chance to write CoffeeScript . Or if you are learning some library like KnockoutJS or BackboneJS , also if you are using some framework like AngularJS . Than using CoffeeScript and also using this function to learn than it will be difficult to catch up together.

I Miss You Sister

First friend I found was you First enemy I found was you First fight I had was with you First person I always miss is you I miss you, my dear sister Beating me was your favorite game Teasing me with different names Remaining is now, only the pain Not being with you, I feel mundane I miss you, my dear sister You are Dad’s favorite You are Mom’s favorite