Why I moved away from Sencha to Phonejs?

Sencha is well known framework for mobile development. Not only mobile development but it is doing a hell of a lot of thing other than mobile development. Not only that it is surely having wonderful history with JavaScript framework development. I don’t have anything to complain against that. But today I am going to talk about specifically one framework, that is Sencha Touch. I was trying to something that can developed once and deployed everywhere.

Failed attempt to write series, again!

I have tried writing complete series again. And again failed. And I am stopping it again. There are couple of reason of it. First and for most thing is I am not good at it. No where near even readable, I guess. Now, I don’t know reason specifically for that. May be I can write on specific topic better instead of things that are continues. And that is the reason complete series thing is not that good but individual write ups are getting good reviews.

Servicestack F# template. Starting from the Start

I have already wrote a blog post about how to get started with service stack if any one is using templates. It is pretty easy. Just install and run. But as Service Stack is moved to V4 with some breaking changes. I had give details about updating it. But still it is little bit more complicated or confusing if I can say. Above is the conversation inspired me to write this blog.

Servicestack F# template Update. Circle is Complete

Few day’s back I wrote a article about how I created side waffle templates for Servicestack. Yesterday, Daniel Mohl, merged the pull request. Add the missing bits make it working and it is up on visual studio gallery. I seriously like to thank Daniel for this work and support even after his own hectic schedule of day job. And a wonderful members of F# community. Here, I am sharing few details of the template, I have created.

When Servicestack meet F# via Side Waffle

I have specific love for Servicestack and that is known thing. It is not because it is awesome or the ways it do web service things, no one else is doing. But because of my past with WCF. It is so rocky that I never want to go back. And more over Servicestack doing hell lot of the things under the cover, and that is also without doing any damn thing into XML.

Asp.Net MVC5 with F#

Thanks to Danial Mohl getting started with Asp.net MVC5 is pretty easy. He had put a tremendous effort to make different kind of templates. Even starting from MVC3 till date now. Old templates are like there are two projects one is C# and one is F#. C# is having all the Java Script, html, css and stuff while F# is having coding part. But with time pass and version update, now we are having pure F# templates.

Getting started with Functional web

I am doing web development from quite a long time. And now a days I am keep pushing my self to do functional programming. Learning languages like Haskell, Scala, F#. Obviously I try my hand to other functional languages too as per time permits. As I am .Net developer my primary focused is working with F# and I will also start from that only. You can also check out other functional articles of mine to check out what I think about functional programming and why it is necessity now a days.