Functional Strategy Pattern

Another pattern that is widely used in Object Oriented world. And as far as .Net world is concern it is may be most used pattern in wide range of .Net API. And it heavily used in heavily used LINQ API. So, I guess giving a understanding of that is kinda waste of space. Have a look at C# code. People familiar with LINQ and lovers of Lambda will definitely argue that this is can be replaced by delegates.

Functional Singleton Pattern

This is my favorite pattern. First pattern I learn. And till date I don’t know where to use it. So, I use everywhere. :P I have mainly used for database connection object and then all JavaScript frameworks are exposing Singleton object only. I can say it is quite useful in case of web. Fun part about this pattern is that most of the people including me always use this pattern to show off that we know patterns and we follow it in practice but in most cases that practice starts and stops with Singleton Pattern.

Functional Factory Pattern

The fun part working or explaining functional pattern is word functional can be used in very fun way. Just like it is used in title here. Now, factory pattern may be the most used pattern in Object Oriented world. Here is code in C#. Factory method is basically used to abstract away the object creation. I am not worried how object is created but I am worried about the behavior of the objects that are created.

Demystifying Design Pattern in a Functional Way

As functional programming is taking pace in current software development. There is always a question what is the difference and why on the earth I should bother about it. Most of the time reason of the question comes because of human nature of resistance towards learning new things. And then there are people who can easily learn new things but even for them unlearning something and re-learning new things is pretty tough.

Journey in Search of Destination

I never thought I would make this public. I wrote long back for one of my dear cousin. It was relevant then. But it is more relevant now. One of my best friend, batch mate, college mate, colleague at one point of time, rommie is now moving to another country. With a aim to never looking back for all the good reasons. Andrew Vyas this is for you. You are one of the friend I never wanted because I knew one day time flew and you or me will move on and that may be good for future but at point it is utterly painful.

Typed Hack of Cloudant using F#

There is a continues war between typed and untyped data. But then there is need of finding a middle ground for ever growing application. There is place, a requirement when I feel application should be typed and data store should be untyped. So, I created this little code snippet to access cloudant (a couchbase fork) NOSQL database. I was knowing about Cloudant from long back. Even before IBM bought it. It is indeed a wonderful service and also kinda free for small stuff.

Sails sailing seamlessly on Azure Web Sites

There are lots of frameworks for web development in Nodejs. Many of them are pretty cool. I pretty much like the SailsJS. And also have worked on that in recent past. Now, when it comes to hosting I love the Azure for various reasons. It is specially awesome when it comes to web sites. You do some experiments and throw it towards azure and that is ready for world to check out.