Tensorflow with Fable-Elmish. A Failed Try

I don’t know I should be writing this or not. But I am giving it a go. This article is part of FsAdvent calender. I wanted to use Tensorflow JS with Fable and specifically Fable - Elmish application. But I failed to do so. There are a couple of reasons I have found out. Reader may solve the issue or point out other issues. I am all ears. Let me explain the setup, I don’t want any extra elements in the mix, so I started with bare minimum set up.

Safe Stack in Dokku

Everyone knows about the SAFE Stack, if you don’t please do check it out - it’s a great way to do full-stack web development in F#, and may be the “coolest” thing about .net these days. If you go to the documentations, there are couple of deployment options. It works like a charm especially with docker. You can deploy the output docker image to a public / private docker registry, or create a private Azure registry and store it there.

Machine Learning Monday

Few days back I did a poll that which new shiny library I should be trying. Here is result of that I am thinking of trying one of the #MachineLearning - #DeepLearning library. Which one I should be trying? It should be fun and if possible can be used with #fsharp and / or #dotnet core. I ll share my experience in blog / video. Please RT.— Kunjan Dalal (@kunjee) October 18, 2018

Elmish Xamarin Forms from Fable point of View

Elm and Elmish patterns is kind of new cool in web world. Good people in F# put that Elmish in Xamarin Forms. Immutable UI for Xamarin forms. That is quite bold in it self. We will look at Pros and Cons of it in this post and also try to look EXF from angle of other contemporary technologies for creating cross platform mobile application. One thing I like to clarify before moving forward,

Opinionated Fable2 - Architecture & Performance

Nothing can be more beautiful if you wish come. And It seems Fable2 did made my wish true in most of the cases. Let’s revisit my old blog and check what is got improved and changed. So, goal of this blog is it should be same as old blog, but it should be smaller. Because of new and shiny Fable2. Fable 2 is currently in beta but as per blog it is very much working.

Opinionated Fable - Architecture & Performance

There can’t be better time for writing this blog. As Fable 2.0 is on the horizon it would be good to see what 1.0 already can do. And I can also wish few things to be added to 2.0. I have chosen Fable after evaluating couple of options like TypeScript-React-Redux, Elm, Aurelia, Angular. One thing I was pretty much sure that I wanted static typing in my project. Because I did have first hand experience with big fat Angular application built using JavaScript.

Reactive Chat application using ServiceStack and Fable in F#

Here is my Birthday blog post, as a part of FSAdvent - 2017. Just like previous two years, I hope you will enjoy this one too. Comments and corrections are very much welcomed. Why Chaat? and What is Chaat? If anyone wanted to show real time application, then Chat is kind of to-do list of that type of applications. Now Functional Chat is a very limited title and can’t show all the things I wanted to show.