Nuget mall of OSS

OSS, stands for Open Source Software. If you are a .net developer, most of the time you don’t care much of OSS. But trust me, OSS are far better than pure solution provided by MS. And now MS is pushing for OSS, via nuget . It’s a wonderful site providing base for OSS technologies. If you have experienced development in Ruby, you must have known this. Ruby has gems, which pushed by open source community.

Bhagwad Gita Chapter 1

कुर्क्षेत्र की युद्ध भूमि पर सैन्य निरिक्षण Its all started when war of Mahabharata is about to begin. Both army stand against each other. And at the time of war, Arjuna told Krishna to take his chariot to the middle of battle field. When they reach there, Arjuna observed both side of army. At this time he found only relatives on the both side. And he just collapsed. He don’t want to fight.

Bhagwad Gita Introduction

Who ever know something about Indian culture must have know about Gita. As per religion or history whatever you prefer, it is a compilation of words, a message given to Arjuna by Krishna. It is not only for him but for whole world. And trust me this book do have answer of almost any things. First I brief about this compilation. At the time of Mahabharata war, when Arjuna has to face his own family at war place, kurukshetra.

Test your self before test your code

Few days back I had written a post , on Test Driven Development . And many of my friends raise question, why should I test and is there anything there in built in Visual Studio. And also more explanation on Test Driven Design. So, Here again I will some what more deeper in testing. Ok, its just a little bit deeper. First thing, as per title, you should test your self before test your code.

DI of FDI (Foreign direct investment)

It has been a week or so, every day news paper and news channel are full with news of FDI in India . Even Facebook is not taking a step back and speak in favor of both side. FDI in retails should be allowed or not. I am not a politician, so as engineer I will do data analysis of FDI in India. now, for the sake of example we consider that FDI is allowed in retail market (PS : I personally think that it is going to be allowed) .

Journey of Coder to Developer

I had seen one T-shirt where developer and programmer are erased coder is written below it. I just remember that and was thinking, why so. Answer is just with me. Every time we start work, and first thing we do is to hit Google. Copy and paste code and make things work. Never bother our self why code is working like that only and why I am copying this only. 60 people out of 100 are doing the same.

Waiting for your Smile

Its wonderful morning Sun is waiting to rise It’s waiting for you sun shine Waiting for your wonderful smile Birds wake up Songs are waiting to be sung Beats are waiting for you sun shine Waiting for your dazzling smile Air just started moving Breeze just wanted to spread Fragrance is waiting for you sun shine Waiting for your mesmerizing smile Pen is ready to write Ink is desperate to draw