I am Kunjan (a.k.a. Kunjee for friends and tweeps). Failed poet, mathematics enthusiastic, functional programming evangelist and the last person standing in queue of alpha nerds.

Partially natural ambidextrous, a proper south paw and a true Sagittarius.

I am also Founder of Fuzzy Cloud, Speaker and OSS Contributor. I maintained awesome OSS (Open Source Software) project called awesome-fable and few other not so famous ones. I love softwares in mobile, web and everything around it. Especially if those are in Functional Programming. Currently I am focusing more on Machine Learning and Data Science from the Functional Programming point of view.

It has been 11+ years in Software Industry writing code, being blogger, talking food, running marathon sprint and run, occasionally doing MMA and few other things after that.

I am consultant for hire, specifically if you like error free code in Functional Programming.

You can contact me via email - personal or professional .

My talk and PodCast