Few days back Scott Hanselman tweeted

And I think, I should do that. But twitter is too short and emails boring even I don’t have email ids of few of my favourite Open Source project managers. But I am not shying away from thanking. So, I am writing this entry.

Will try to cover as many person as possible who made important part in my life; mainly professionally and sometimes personally too. But if I miss someone, that will be completely unintentional and I am extremely sorry for that.

Let me tell you a little story. My life was nothing different then every other software engineer. I missed first class by .08% and get out of college in the era of recession. And technically know nothing but little bit of C#.

Things are pretty normal. Just like every other software person in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

All dreams and no way to achieve it. Then luckily or unluckily I move to company where I need to work with Asp.Net MVC. First thing I did was find something on home site. I don’t know there are still any archive available but at that time there is a video series by Rob Conery. I didn’t even know him by then or even his reputation. For me he is Microsoft employee and I am working in Microsoft Technology so he is God sent. Whatever he say is truth nothing but the truth.

And while wondering around his site, found the video he gave at NDC conference called The Next Big Thing Or Cool-Kid Koolaid? Slicing Through The Rhetoric of MVC vs Web Forms . Sorry I didn’t found any downloadable link for it but I still do have a copy of it. This video changed me up side down, changed my way of thinking and learning. I started questioning more and learning more.

In a way Rob is responsible for my way to community. Then I became customer/viewer/admirer of tekpub. Yes, I do earn in rupees and spend in dollars. but every penny of it is worth it.

Best thing happen is; it opens the door of open source projects. Its all started with leaving EF and checking out other ORMs. I’ll not talk about them now, but will move to my few favourite web projects.

One is Servicestack and other is NancyFX. I do like others but this are kinda first ones’ I fall in love with. And just like first love nothing can replace that. I like to thank them for their work. Both are wonderful frameworks to do the web development if someone is working in the .Net. One is for rapid web development and other is rapid web service development in true to the nature of Object Oriented Programming.

And there is one more transaction of me from Object Oriented Programming to Functional Programming. Trust me the F# community is awesome and that is kind of reason behind the transaction. Don’t know why but they are simple awesome. And I love to thank them too.

I am 1986 born, so I am kid to most of the member of the F# community. Most of them are coding even before the day I born. But whenever I stuck somewhere or something they help and give answer to any of my dumbest question. Thank You <3

I will be not knowing philosophical programming without Jessica Kerr, will not be knowing Actors without Rachele Resse,functional programming will not be fun without Bodil’s presentation/talks, without infinite force of Don Syme there is no me <3 F# and Phillip Trelford, Dave Thomas, Scott Wlaschin and others who are always there for community. I never meet any of them but they are always there whenever I need them. May be this is the reason Internet was invented, or if I say specifically then social network invented.

I am sorry if I missed any other community members. But there is a long list. Hopefully someday I meet them and thank them in personally.

Even this blog is running on Snow made by Phillip Haydon. Thanks <3 <3 <3