I have tried writing complete series again. And again failed. And I am stopping it again.

There are couple of reason of it. First and for most thing is I am not good at it. No where near even readable, I guess. Now, I don’t know reason specifically for that. May be I can write on specific topic better instead of things that are continues.

And that is the reason complete series thing is not that good but individual write ups are getting good reviews.

There is one more things. Few things are just very random that can’t fit in series at all. Few days back I was trying to run SignalR with F#. I succeeded but that will not fit here. Before that there was article about getting started with Servicestack from very zero. And that also can’t fit here.

So, I finally though to kill it for while. Because of this I couldn’t able to write few other things I like to write. I am putting this in this series as completely non-technical part.

There will be more articles about web, game and F# but not in series form.

So, wait for next one.