Thanks to Danial Mohl getting started with MVC5 is pretty easy. He had put a tremendous effort to make different kind of templates. Even starting from MVC3 till date now.

Old templates are like there are two projects one is C# and one is F#. C# is having all the Java Script, html, css and stuff while F# is having coding part.

But with time pass and version update, now we are having pure F# templates. A single project of F# having code, Java Script, cshtml, html, CSS everything. It is far more fun and easy to get started with. At the end of day F# is all about compressing code. Doing more with less code.

Scala people, play is almost same as MVC framework. If you are following, code will be almost same only. I will still try to put code snippets wherever possible.

So, if you haven’t downloaded template yet. Please check out my previous post the first one in series and download template. Once installed you are up and running to write some MVC code.

I am assuming that people trying this; is quite familiar with MVC and other concepts.

First I will be doing one to one map between C# and F# code. Just to get familiar with syntax. Then will move to optimized code to make it more functional.

Side Note If you are not having Visual Studio Pro or higher one. Do not worry, templates are working with Express versions also. As per latest release F# is now primarily supported by Desktop and Web Express version.

Install template, create new project with MVC5 and Web API option. Hit F5 and it is done. You are up and running.

Feeling great?!? It is just started.
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