I want confess that, my whole career I was and I am working with Visual Studio. Not a big fan, but it was good or I must say it is good. I don’t think any other IDE is doing as much thing as visual studio is doing.

And with few add-ons (even if you exclude ReSharper) it is like wow. As full time web developer I like the tools, that always there to solve my issue.

But my love for languages like C# is far more than that. Give me my language and I can do wonders. And I also love OSS work and people doing OSS work in .net. One of my favourite project is Servicestack.

Now, here is the point, when a conversation with Demis, creator of Servicestack made me thinking.

Am I going to far with my affection for tools? Am I doing it wrong? Am I going in wrong direction?

Here is the twitter conversation. And I agreed if I don’ learn new things I am not doing justification to my old tools. How can I say that Visual Studio is good if I haven’t tried Sublimetext or VIM.

I have tried Sublimetext and pretty much impressed. It is my basic tools to edit web stuff or I am doing something with my blog. It is fast, light weigh with awesome plug ins; almost for every language.

Now, I am trying for VIM, I am starting with tutorial suggested by Amir Rajan.

Even if there is a slightest chance that your daily work is C# and you are thinking what you are doing with VIM; think again.

Amir Rajan did wonderful video, how things work with C#.

Have a look at it

Coding out loud: C#, TDD, NSpec and VIM from Amir Rajan on Vimeo.

It is like learning new thing. Lets see how far it will go. Will check it out and write about my experience in follow up post.