In my previous post I have written about some JavaScript basics from the point of view of Software Engineering and Architecture. In this post I will stay close to metal. I will talk about few things we should care about JavaScript language. Things that’s should be or shouldn’t be in the code.

I am from hard core compile language background. My first company is Game Company where I have built kind of Game Engine and second company I work on C++. Even in third company I was working on web project but most of the time I stay on the server end. So, I have support of managed nature of C Sharp. But in case of JavaScript it is not true. And many time people makes mistakes what I did. Take JavaScript as compiled language and work like that only. Obviously its like other programming languages only, its all about if and else but its little bit different. My this post is going to be completed by the video of Channel9 . Here I am attaching video, too. Please go through the video and checkout what should be taken care while writing JavaScript . Its 50 minutes long and obviously worth spending 50 minutes.

Here is the video.

So, here is details that are showed in video.

Please go through this. Its worth watching and learning.