I am not much a writer kind of person. If you drop a math puzzle, probably I will do it in better way. But sometimes it is necessity to do thing even though you are not good at it. Just like this Open Letter. Tekpub is wonderful endeavor from Rob Conery and one of his friend James Avery . I know Tekpub because of Rob Conery .

You can consider me in his fan club, if he is having one. I don’t know of it yet.

Hey, Rob. Do you have any fan club like thing ??? I really like to join one.

Here in India, every other teacher expect student to be like Arjuna , because of his concentration and dedication towards the learning or work. But the person they forget is Ekalavya . And Rob sir is providing that opportunity to world to learn like Ekalavya . Learning from distance and prove your worthy.

Tekpub is having open house for a weekend. And first thing I have done is watching a video of a programming wizard, genius developer and classic speaker Scott Hanselman . I was waiting for this from a long time. Actually I am saving money to buy at least this video, because here we have currency in rupees and conversion to dollar is bit heavy on pocket. No doubt I am earning fair enough as software engineer but still amount is a more in terms of rupees.

These are not the only thing, I am currently checking out few more screen casts. And they are awesome. I always in favor of knowledge sharing. And may be this is the only reason to have a dream to work in Microsoft. Money obviously matters, but that I can earn it any how. At the end of the day I am from Gujarat . But knowledge, learning new things and specially having fun at what I do; will be possible at few places only. It is not about Microsoft but about persons like Scott Hanselman , Phil Haack , Rob Conery and others. Working with them is seriously a fun stuff, its like you are learning from a university and also getting paid for that.

Hey, Scott Sir. In any case you are reading this. Please Please do take care of your self. At least buy me some time so I can meet you in person someday in future. Diabetes called as “Rajarog” in India. Means it only comes to king and/or it is king of all diseases as it provide wonderful platform for other diseases to have dance off. So, please do take care and keep on talking. I never miss your screen cast or talk.

I seriously like to thank Rob and Team for bringing up such a wonderful world of knowledge. And also having open pass to access them on weekend. Keep on the good work.

I seriously recommended that wasting time for some box office flicks, better enjoy heroes from Technology world.

Thanks of Open House at Tekpub . And thanks to pluralsight