Who ever know something about Indian culture must have know about Gita. As per religion or history whatever you prefer, it is a compilation of words, a message given to Arjuna by Krishna. It is not only for him but for whole world. And trust me this book do have answer of almost any things.

First I brief about this compilation. At the time of Mahabharata war, when Arjuna has to face his own family at war place, kurukshetra. He did not want to fight, he did not want to win at a price of killing his own loved once. At that time Shree Krishna, told him that it is his work, he is not responsible of it. He had to do what is necessary. He didn’t have any right to claim on result of his work. And then whatever communication is done between them is called Bhagwad Gita. Other than Arjuna there were few other who witnesses this communication, one is Ved Vyas who written Mahabharat, one is Sajay a Charioteer of King Dhitrashtra and Hanuman who was there in the flag of Chariot of Arjuna.

I am not a big philosopher or spiritual guru, but I love this book. And trying to explain each and every “slok”, sentence in detail. Please bare with me, if there is any mistake in understanding or explaining this .

I don’t say I am a great believer of God, but I am believer of this book. It do has solution of every problem, and do support to over come any obstacle of life. Gita was told by Shree Krishna around 5000 years back and even now every word of it, is so true and real.

There are few, who still believe the Shree Krishna is Myth, for them here I am sharing a video, just have a look at it. And I don’t mind any opinion but whats wrong in trying new things, and a thing which already had more than enough followers.

Video about Krishna is here.