I was reading article on Wall Street Journal , about Steve Jobs. It was wonderful article taken by Ralph, at time of starting phase of apple.

It was the time of change, if any one is familiar with the history of  computer world, must know the era of changing. When companies like Microsoft and Apple started and change the rule of game. They change the way of thinking that computer should be big and for co-operate work only. Computer should be good at calculation only, that black screen just calculate and give desire output to management. Person of industry wearing suits and showing standers.

Than hippy like guys arrived, who break all the rule, and drive world to new future. Right now I want  to talk about Steve Jobs . Who just left us, leaving behind the a legacy of change and revolution.

Every paragraph of article just showing attitude of Steve, never say never attitude, non-compromising mentality. Courage to take risk, and most important confidence in his own self.

This thing is completely opposite to Indian mentality, where we learn to compromise from the starting. Every time we are forced to change our self as per society. Many of us, just do something for the sake of doing. Earning money is important than earning credit. Confidence is just a short term certificate which we get at college as college result.

I am not saying, I am different. But I can say, I am trying to be different. And one of person behind this is Steve Jobs . I know about him from my college days, but start understanding him after college. Whenever I fill down and out I hear him or read him, which always motivates me to move on.

He is the person with still nerve. No matter whatever it takes, he will achieve what he want. I never seen a person like him. He is gem of crown of silicon-valley. Its not only he done for him self but inspire person like Mark who created Facebook , bill gates of Microsoft and others.

Its not he hadn’t face downfall, everyone does in lifetime, but how he reacts is the real thing matters. I personally recommended that everyone directly or indirectly related to computer industry must watch movie Pirates of Silicon-Valley and go through the life of him. Also, can found video of him on YouTube .