The fun part working or explaining functional pattern is word functional can be used in very fun way. Just like it is used in title here. Now, factory pattern may be the most used pattern in Object Oriented world. Here is code in C#. Factory method is basically used to abstract away the object creation. I am not worried how object is created but I am worried about the behavior of the objects that are created.

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There is a continues war between typed and untyped data. But then there is need of finding a middle ground for ever growing application. There is place, a requirement when I feel application should be typed and data store should be untyped. So, I created this little code snippet to access cloudant (a couchbase fork) NOSQL database. I was knowing about Cloudant from long back. Even before IBM bought it. It is indeed a wonderful service and also kinda free for small stuff.

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Because it is good. It is fun to write code in functional language. It takes away unnecessary complexity from my way. It do as problem needed I don’t need to act as computer to give instruction to computer for how to do computing. And just like this specific blog, it is concise, crisp and like haiku short and sweet.

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