There can’t be better time for writing this blog. As Fable 2.0 is on the horizon it would be good to see what 1.0 already can do. And I can also wish few things to be added to 2.0. I have chosen Fable after evaluating couple of options like TypeScript-React-Redux, Elm, Aurelia, Angular. One thing I was pretty much sure that I wanted static typing in my project. Because I did have first hand experience with big fat Angular application built using JavaScript.

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Indian Chaat with F#

Here is my Birthday blog post, as a part of FSAdvent - 2017. Just like previous two years, I hope you will enjoy this one too. Comments and corrections are very much welcomed. Why Chaat? and What is Chaat? If anyone wanted to show real time application, then Chat is kind of to-do list of that type of applications. Now Functional Chat is a very limited title and can’t show all the things I wanted to show.

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